You’d be hard pressed to find a team with more experience, dedication and passion for their work than Groupe Névé.
Our team of over 75 professionals, many of whom have been with the company since day one, will do whatever it takes to build, repair and service your building mechanical systems.
And on a personal level, you’ll find working with us to be a collaborative and pleasant experience.
To learn more about our founder and partners, please continue reading below.

Jean-Guy Perreault


After attending a training course at a technical school in Quebec City, the young refrigerator apprentice moved to Montreal, and along with two partners, founded Ventilation Éconair. With modest beginnings in his basement, Mr. Perreault quickly began earning the recognition and respect which would follow him his entire career. He has been openly described by his peers as a man who would always take the time to listen to you. No surprise he was the first person everyone would call. In fact, he was known in the business as The Bible of Refrigeration.

Once, while designing a particularly complex air conditioning system for Complex des Ailes de la Mode, Mr. Perreault stayed on site for three straight days racking his brain to find a solution. No matter the difficulty, he was always up for the challenge. A mindset he’s successfully engrained in every Groupe Névé employee.

In 2016, Mr. Perreault received the CETAF Personality of the Year Award. The award acknowledges a member who has distinguished himself through personal qualities, dedication and resilience in difficult situations. It further recognizes the influence and impact he’s made on others in the field.

Mr. Perreault founded Groupe Névé in 1993, and continues to endow the company with his accumulated knowledge, wisdom and can-do attitude.

Benoit Perreault


Kicking off his career in the company his father founded in 1993, Benoit climbed the Groupe Névé ladder from warehouse manager to president.
He places a great deal of importance on training and is constantly improving his skills, having completed more than twenty courses from numerous manufacturers.
Benoit has been on the CETAF Board of Directors since 2014 and is an outspoken member of several committees.
He has also been a member of the CMMTQ since 2017.

Pat Pellegrino

Vice president, Operations and Services

After completing his studies in building mechanics at Vanier College, Pat knew he was destined for an exciting career in the HVAC field.
It was in his early days as a heating, ventilation and air conditioning technician, that Pat discovered his true passion.
And he’s never looked back since.

Today with 25 years of experience, Pat is committed to solving problems in the field, while constantly optimizing customer service.

His mission is strong and simple:
“I want us to be the very best solution for our customers.
That means offering our expertise, innovation and integrity, while openly collaborating with all of our business partners – on every project.
The fact is, none of us does great work alone.
But when we combine our talents, we can (and often do) perform miracles.”

Mike Nardolillo

Vice president, Sales and Estimation

While studying building systems at Vanier College, Mike worked weekends on an HVAC maintenance team of a downtown hotel. This gave him the perfect opportunity to actually see and maintain the very systems he was studying in class.

Upon graduating in 1999 with a DEC in Building Systems Engineering Technology, Mike worked for a manufacturer’s representative at the parts counter. Between 2000 and 2016, he became a partner in the company and vice-president of their Aftermarket Department.

In January 2017, Mike was presented with an opportunity and challenge he couldn’t turn down, and joined the highly-respected Groupe Névé team as one of its key partners.

As Director of Ventilation with extensive experience in customer service and equipment knowledge, Mike and his team in the estimation department work hard to exceed every client expectation and excel on every single project.

Francois-Olivier Lessard

Vice president, Construction

Working in the construction sector since 2004, Francois-Olivier completed his Diploma of Professional Studies in Plumbing and Heating at the Montreal School of Construction Trades in 2006. He pursued his career with a passion, acquiring varied experience in building mechanics in the commercial, residential and natural gas sectors.

Francois-Olivier joined Groupe Névé in 2009 as a fourth year apprentice and was promoted to foreman just a few years later. He became a valued partner in January 2017, taking the helm of the plumbing team, who’s expertise in building mechanics is both proven and well-respected.

In constant communication with his customers and forever attentive to their needs, Francois-Olivier believes in fostering long-term relationships with business partners and colleagues alike.

Collaboration, high-quality work and ongoing transparency are essentials he both works by and lives by.