Top-notch systems. Top-notch specialists.

When you contract Groupe Névé for your building mechanical systems, you’re getting both equipment and people you can rely on. When Jean-Guy Perreault started our company in 1993, he took great pride in keeping his customers satisfied. He accomplished this by employing a group of passionate professionals who took great pride in their work and enjoyed rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty.

You’ll find the same skills, passion and hard work ethic very much alive at Groupe Névé today. Our project managers, engineers, technicians and other professionals will dedicate themselves to your project from start to finish and beyond, with superior service and proactive maintenance plans. And with a fleet of 25 specialized vehicles, we’re always on-site and well-equipped to serve you.

Fully-trained. Fully-licensed.

Technology moves fast in this industry. And Groupe Névé moves right along with it. Our staff engage in ongoing training programs to maintain their knowledge and hone their distinct skills. Doing so allows us to operate effectively, efficiently and safely, so we can install and service the most demanding HVAC systems in any type of building. Simply stated, our brainpower ensures all of your mechanical systems run like well-oiled machines.

Groupe Névé is an established member of the following respected organizations :

  • CETAF • Corporation of Air Treatment and Refrigeration Companies

  • ASHRAE • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

  • RSES • Refrigeration Service Engineers Society

  • CMMTQ • Corporation of Master Pipe Mechanics of Quebec

  • CMEQ • Corporation of Master Electricians of Quebec

Additionally, we hold a building license from the RBQ (Quebec Building Authority) which allows us to work in specific disciplines. And to ensure public and environmental safety, all personnel handling and installing equipment hold certificates of competence from the CCQ (Quebec Construction Commission).