We help your building run efficiently, which means you operate comfortably.

For your building to be running at peak efficiency, it needs an up to date automated control system. Having a system that monitors and controls heating, cooling, lighting and other important mechanical systems also offers you substantial energy savings. Groupe Névé technicians will expertly install your automated control system. They are licensed representatives for both ProLon Controls and Strato Automation. These are first rate, commercial HVAC management systems that are not only highly advanced, but user friendly to operate as well.

Either of the systems above allow remote TCP/IP access through your computer or smartphone. That means you can easily and conveniently view or configure your system right from your desk – or even when away from your building. We at Groupe Névé can’t stress it enough: being able to group and prioritize different heating or cooling zones within your building is key, as it allows your equipment to operate more effectively and saves your business more money.

Groupe Névé installs and configures the following automated control system components:
  • Controllers – for VAV zoning systems, heat pumps, rooftop and boiler units, cooling towers
  • Wall sensors – for maintaining precise indoor temperatures throughout your building
  • Electronic relays, converters, VFD, wiring and more

Both ProLon and Strato products are designed and manufactured in Quebec. They offer modular, expandable systems with no hardware or software limitations and no licensing fees.

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