We enhance your indoor air quality through optimal ventilation and clean filtration.

When your ventilation system is clean and running efficiently, you’re saving money – and your health. Poorly ventilated or filtered air in a building can literally make people sick; the absolute last thing you want for yourself, your employees or your visitors. When examining ventilation, Groupe Névé takes a holistic approach. We consider your building’s entire air handling network, such as the heating and cooling systems, in order to provide you air that’s free of bacteria or dust.

Groupe Névé has experience in installing all types of ventilation systems. Whether your application is ultra-complex or straightforward, our ventilation pros will build a system that performs properly and provides clean, breathable air. Using specialized equipment, we’ll customize ductwork on the spot and are capable of installing large sheet metal systems as well as spiral duct arrangements.

While your business may not require a new ventilation system from scratch, it definitely will require routine service and maintenance. Groupe Névé can help in this area as well, with expert troubleshooting of breakdowns and air quality diagnosis using the latest test hardware. We can also employ video cameras to inspect your system’s equipment and duct network, which helps you avoid unexpected problems before they become serious.

Our air filtration experience allows Groupe Névé to service and install:

  • Commercial filtration units
  • Ventilation hoods, fans and blowers
  • Ducting and hoses
  • Exhaust filtration
  • HEPA filter
  • Air cleaners/removers for smoke, mould, allergens and dust
  • And other ventilation hardware
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